Christmas Tree Pendant


Have you thought about what presents you are going to get for your family and friends this Christmas? How about a hand-made gift, like a Christmas tree pendant? Read on to learn how to make this timely and eye-catching accessory for that special someone!


Materials needed:

  1. Scissors
  2. Buttons in difference sizes
  3. String
  4. Star

P1150210a P1150211a

Step 1: Start with the tree trunk.

P1150212a P1150213a P1150214a

Step 2: Get the biggest buttons at the bottom to make the triangle shape of the Christmas tree.

P1150215a P1150216a P1150217a

Step 3: Continue to slot the buttons into the string with the smallest buttons on top then tie a knot to fix it.


P1150219a P1150220a

Step 4: Now slot in the star on top of the Christmas tree and tie a knot on it.



Step 5: Cut off the string and you have a special Christmas tree now.


P1150230a P1150229a

Step 6: Wear it as an eye-catching pendant at a year-end party. Or wrap it up in a box and give it away as a unique Christmas present!

Suggestion: Not just a pendant, this Christmas tree can also be used as a key chain or hand phone accessory or decorative item on a Christmas tree.


Prices for reference by MR. D.I.Y.:

Assorted buttons – RM1.30
DIY Button – RM0.80
Needle & Thread Set  2 x 1.90 – RM3.80


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