Create dim lights


You can change the ambiance in your home by using different types of lighting. Try creating your own dim lights with a cool blue glow, and see how it affects your room.


Materials and tools:

1. Super glue
2. Screw driver
3. Bamboo/anything that can hang on the wall
4. Hook
5. Screws
6. Bulb
7. Glass bottle with cover (cover has a cut-out hole)

P1140103a P1140104a

Step 1: screw the hook on the bamboo with screw driver.

P1140105a P1140106a

Step 2: Screw another part of the bamboo with another hook.

P1140107a P1140109a

Step 3: Slot the bulb into the cover of the glass bottle and glue it tight.

P1140110a P1140112a

Step 4: Cover the glass bottle.

P1140114a P1140115a

Step 5: Hang the glass bottle (with bulb inside) on the wall.

P1140116a P1140124a P1140125a

Step 6: Switch on the light.


Ta-daa! Beautiful dim lights at night.


Prices for reference by MR. D.I.Y.:

Hook – RM1.50


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