Make a Snowman


It’s close to that time of the year again – Christmas season! Many of us are starting to busy ourselves finding decorations for our houses and offices to celebrate the festive season. Instead of buying ready made decorations, how about making a cute little snowman to add your own little personal touch?


Materials needed:

  1. Poly wool
  2. Foam Flowers
  3. Double-sided tape
  4. Wastepaper Basket
  5. Ball
  6. White Glue
  7. Black Cardboard
  8. Orange paper
  9. Small Wool balls


Step 1: Stick the ball on the wastepaper basket with double-sided tape.


Step 2: Fold the orange paper into a cone shape.

P1140903a P1140905a P1140907a

Step 3: Stick the poly wool on the ball and wastepaper basket until you get the shape of a snowman.


Step 4: Cut out the black cardboard to give it two round eyes.


Step 5: Add a long pointy nose.


Step 6: Give it a pink mouth with small wool balls.


Step 7: Stick the foam flowers as buttons on the body.

P1140915a P1140916a

Step 8: You can add on any accessories you like – for example, a knitted scarf and a hat to keep the snowman warm.


Oh no! Where are the two arms? Here they are! Hello, Mr. Snowman!


Prices for reference by MR. D.I.Y.:

Foam Flowers – RM1.30
Small Wastepaper Basket (19.5cm x 23.5cm) – RM4.50


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