Walking tanglung


It’s Mid Autumn Festival! Let’s get our tanglungs ready!


Materials and tools:

  1. Pliers
  2. Broom stick
  3. Drill
  4. Paint roller
  5.  2 x Cans
  6. Spanner
  7. Saw

P1130351a P1130353a

Step 1: Drill a hole at the top center of the first can.

P1130357a P1130358a 

 Step 2: Drill a hole at the center of the stick.

P1130586a P1130590a

Step 3: Drill a hole at the center point of the second can.

P1130591a P1130592a P1130595a

Step 4: Make a window on the can with a saw. Then pull out the window with pliers.


Step 5: Now you get two cans as shown in the picture.

P1130600a P1130602a

Step 6: Slot in the paint roller into the hole of the can and bend up the rod with a spanner.


Step 7:  Slot in another can into the rod and fix it with a nut.

P1130606a P1130610a

Step 8: Remove the handle of the paint roller and replace it with the broom stick.

P1130619a P1130618a

Step 9: Light up a candle inside the can and you can see a walking tanglung now.

P1130733a P1130734a

You can roll it everywhere you go!

Prices for reference by MR. D.I.Y.:

Paint roller with handle 4′-RM1.50


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