Treasure Box


Want to give your loved one a unique gift? Handcrafted gifts are very thoughtful and will be much appreciated by the person receiving it. For example, you could make a small treasure box shaped liked a fish to keep mementos and jewelry inside. Follow these simple DIY steps and surprise your loved one this Christmas!


Materials needed:

  1. Hand file
  2. Sand paper
  3. Button
  4. Mounting tape
  5. Marker pen
  6. Drill
  7. Saw
  8. White glue
  9. 5pcs of plywood
  10. Fish shape paper

P1140862a P1140863a P1140864a P1140868a

Step 1: Apply mounting tape on every layer of plywood.

P1140869a P1140871a

Step 2: On the top of the last plywood, stick the fish shape paper on it.

P1140872a P1150092a P1150099a

Step 3: Cut out the shape of the fish with a saw.

P1150101a P1150102a

Step 4: Drill out the fish’s eye through 3 layers of plywood.

P1150103a P1150104a

Step 5: Remove the mounting tape from the first & last plywood.

P1150105a P1150107a P1150108a

 Step 6: Draw a circle on the balance 3 layers of plywood to make a hole on it.

P1150109a P1150111a

Step 7: Scrape the hole with a hand file & remove the mounting tape from the 3 layers of plywood.

P1150112a P1150113a

Step 8: Smooth the surface of all the plywood with sand paper.

P1150115a P1150117a P1150124a

Step 9: Apply white glue to stick the fish together.

P1150125a P1150126a P1150127a

Step 10: Cover the last layer of the fish & fix it to the layer underneath with a button.

P1150130a P1150132a P1150133a

You can now keep all your treasures in the fish or give it away as a present!


Prices for reference by MR. D.I.Y.:

Cookie Cutter – RM1.30
White Glue – RM1.50
Mounting Tape – RM0.80


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