Wheel of Fortune


This is a simple game where each player can have 4 chances to spin the wheel of fortune. Each player take turns to answer the question, collect the points and add up the points after the 4 spins.  At the back of the cardboard are the rewards or forfeits for the points collected.


Materials needed:

  1. Marker pen
  2. Ruler
  3. Cardboard
  4. Jean button
  5. Glue

P1140291a P1140292a P1140293a

Step 1: Divide the cardboard into 8 equal partitions and write down a question in each partition.  One of the ideas shown in the picture is to get 4 categories of questions like “what is your favourite food?”, “what is your favourite colour?” etc. Players will choose their answers and receive points.


Step 2: Cut out an arrow for spinning purpose.

P1140295a P1140296a

Step 3: Prepare the rewards or forfeits at the back of the cardboard.

P1140301a P1140302a

Step 4: Apply glue on one part of the jean button. Then stick it on the arrow.

P1140304a P1140305a

Step 5: Apply glue on another part of the jean button and stick it on the round cardboard.

P1140306a P1140309a

Step 6: Finally, fasten the jean button firmly together and start spinning!

P1140310a P1140313a

Yeah ! Everybody take turns to spin the wheel of fortune and see what we’ll get!


Prices for reference by MR. D.I.Y.:

Button (Jean)- RM1.50
Glue – RM1.20


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